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Colette & Lola: Beautiful from the Inside Out

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Hi, beauty lovers! Today I’m gonna tell you about a product I came across recently.

So my dad was celebrating his birthday on May 5th, and I was thinking of throwing him a surprise. My idea was to surprise him with a birthday cake on midnight! Pretty standard, actually. But I wanted to make it a bit special, so I was in the market for a great cake.

My dad really loves chocolate. His taste bud is a bit off, he really can’t tell which food is good or bad unless they’re REALLY bad it’s just inedible. But somehow he knows he likes chocolate, and can tell which chocolate product is good and which is not so good.

So I was going to buy a chocolate cake that my aunt was raving about. I visited their store in Plaza Indonesia and found out that they’re closed! The other store was in Senopati, and when I called them nobody answered so I don’t know if they’re closed too or what.  I was so sad... O.O

Luckily, I did not despair much as I was actually eye-ing this new cake company I found on Facebook. Their name is Colette & Lola! What a cute name.

I browsed their website and found the perfect cake I wanted, called Charlie Brown. Again, so cute! Their cakes are named and decorated so beautifully, makes you wanna lick your screen once you see them.

And one more thing, they offer delivery! Yay! I can just wait at home for the cake to come.

So I called them and they asked what time should the cake be delivered. This is perfect, since I can arrange for delivery when my dad wasn’t around. I told them to come at the 4th around 1 p.m. And they do come. And I almost squealed and jumped in front of the delivery staff. Why?

Let’s see.

Are you seeing what I saw? It’s so damn cute! It’s in baby blue, which is one of my favorite colors. Well, it’s not for me, but whatever! It’s pleasing for the eyes. It came with a card, a cake-guide book and 3 free cake pops! Cute, cute, and super cute! It was really a sight.

Here’s one from up close.

They provide straps so that you can carry them around easily. Love the idea! Because sometimes when I transport cakes they got smudged or ruined because they are not stable and really hard to carry around (normally people will bring lots of other things, like handbags and whatnot). But with this strap, the cake will be stable and can safely be transported.

And here’s the card. So thoughtful. I love thoughtfulness.

I’m not going to show you the message inside, because it was specialized just for me! Kidding. I’m one of the first buyers, so they sent me a thank-you card. Very thoughtful, right? You should buy one yourself and see what’s in it. I love thoughtful and nice cake people, not too business-y. Buying cakes are not all about business, people, it’s also about being nice and thoughtful. Okay. I might have said the word “thoughtful” too much. I’m gonna stop now. STAHP.

And finally, ladies and gentlemen, meet CHARLIE BROWN.

It's 61% dark chocolate ganache, crispy hazelnut wafer & cocoa devil sponge. Yum.

They asked me what I wanted for the wording. Kekeke. Pretty cheesy, I guess.

Sorry for the poor pics. I took these while preparing the surprise, minutes away from midnight, so I was in a hurry.

My first impression was: this cake smells really good. I left it open in my air conditioned room for maybe 5 mins, 10 mins tops while I took pictures and prepared candles. It was so fragrant that I can still smell it, though faintly, after an hour later.

This cake was really physically impeccable.

Here's when it's cut:

It was so friggin' delicious. The chocolate was... Heavenly. The texture smooth, with some crispiness from the hazelnut wafers! I wanna come home to this cake after a bad day and eat them mercilessly.

My father looked so happy. He, of course, had the first cake. The second the cake entered his mouth, he went big-eyed and said, "This is really good." And he ate like a 5 year old. LOL. My mom and sis and of course, me, loved it too!

Because it was midnight, and let's not fool ourselves, we do care about calories, we split the cake. One slice of heavenly chocolate cake for 2 people. It was sooo delicious, I'm sure everyone wanted a slice for themselves. After we finish the cake, we had a chat for quite some time. Funny enough, for the duration of the chat, everyone's hand keep touching the cake to eat fallen bits and pieces every now and then. LOL. Really can't get enough.

I had this again today after a long day at work. It really lifts up your mood. Of course, it's chocolate. And it's delicious!

I have to warn you, though. If you don't like chocolate, you might not like it. Or, it may turn you into a devout chocolate lover, who knows. LOL. In any case, Colette and Lola offers a wide variety of cakes, so if you really don't like chocolate, you can choose other cakes.

In the end, the surprise was a success! Thank you to Colette & Lola, and my mom and sis for helping me fooling my dad. LOL.

Repurchase? Yes! But I want to try other flavor, too!

5 out of 5 stars, literally death by chocolate. Love!

Oh, and sorry I didn't get to take pictures of the cake pops :( They were also cute and delicious. Actually they were meant to be pierced into the cake for decoration, but it was so cute I ate them first. LOL. There's an instruction attached to each cake pop on how to decorate the cake with it.

Here's Colette and Lola's info:


Facebook: Colette & Lola

They will open their store in Senopati area. This product is part of ISMAYA Group, one of the reason I trust them, too!

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  1. Looks so yummy! Wish I could try it but I don't live in Indonesia T__T



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